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In-House Photographers

Herb Lewis  and Mike Cole a highly organized and motivated professional photographers with a wealth of experience in a range of photographic styles and services, including Model shoots, real estate photography, commercial photography,travel photography, weddings and portraits.

They also work as  freelance photographers, working on a wide range of projects for advertisers, magazines, real estate agencies, publishers and individual clients. they have a great deal of experience in retouching, editing and uploading photographs for online publishing, as well as preparing photographs for print production.

Prior to freelancing, They are part of the Megurl team doing  photographed and prepared marketing material and play a significant role in the company.

They pride on their ability to make the most of every photo, to be creative and resourceful in their approach and to have a keen eye for lighting and detail. they or accustomed to working on tight deadlines, and working multiple jobs at once.  They have all their own equipment and transport.

Contact by calling phone number 1 (855) 563-4875 or email [email protected]

Herb Lewis ext 151

Mike Cole ext 159

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